Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell does it again... and again... and again....!!!

I am sooooo mad I am broke and didn't have the money to be looking at solestruck's website regularly so I would have known and then purchased THESE!

Jeffrey Campbell's Skate.

soooo not fair.....!!!  sooooo perfect.   soooo don't have any money.....!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ancient Ragdoll

I came upon this ancient roman ragdoll internetting today.  pretty neat!  My fascination with Vintage began with a fascination with ancient history and civilizations... so this is pretty awesometastic.

Ragdoll sings.


something a little more innocent.

something for both sides of the Ragdoll Vintage spectrum.  leather or lace today?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jubunny does good!

So, my loverly model and a few of her friends put together this charity runway show every year for the past three years (soon to be four!).  If you live in the Toronto area you should come.  It continues to grow and grow every year and this year they are focusing complete on local design talent instead of featuring simply stores in the area (one being the store we worked at so I helped style!).  Check it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ragdoll Jubunny Photoshoot - Part Deux

I had a bunch of my friends who know of my insane collection of vintage stuffs come over and experience... really so they would believe I was finally doing it BUT mostly to hang out since we dont always get to!

Jubunny and Marci. and my recycled cardboard backdrop!

got to see marci and ju - tis been a while since the three of us have been in the same place at the same time.  not the most flattering picture, but I couldn't not show our love.
Polaroids... if only I could have an unlimited supply.... sigh.
Dusan! he was going to move to montreal but now he is staying YAY!  he is currently making a mini documentary.  I can't wait to see it!  Juliana is so awesome!! Oh ya, that jacket Dusan is wearing is a part of my vintage selling. I have a few things (especially jackets) that would work for both Ragdolls and Ragdudes.
katie...  seen here as my ragdoll style doll. She somehow managed to break a chair I have had for a while... all she was doing was sitting!  you can see it in the back ground.  
seconds after breaking the chair I HAD to get my polaroid of it.

yay, what a great night!  wish I had gotten more photo's for the shop though!  sooooooon!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ragdoll Ju Photoshoot - part 1

I'm a little bustier than Juliana so she was a little worried about the dress falling.  it stayed up though.  it is a magic dress.  
Cardboard box back drop worked out pretty well!  Didn't get neaaarly enough outfits photographed!  definitely will take a little longer than I thought.  I may have to model myself since I have soooo much!!!  even if I decide to do 30 pieces a month, getting everyone... or a person... together for long enough is usually hard to do with my friends.  We are all busy with everything... work... boyfriends... family... etc.  bah.  I will figure something out!  If I make enough to pay for acting lessons AND then enough to get a better camera... that would be good.  stupid money.

To see more pictures of this dress and my lovely model, click here and see my new chictopia page!!  make sure to vote!!!  Help spread my name and help me get those acting classes sooner!  =)  Thanks!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sneak Peek - Part 5

Still going through clothes... foreverrrrr it seems.  BUT again, all for a good cause.... acting!!  woo!  and to find beautiful adopters for my little vintage items.  They need a good home!

SOME of the dresses... silk, linen, leather, sequin, beads, cotton, stripes, peter pan collars, a little sailor, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, etc.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sneak Peek - Part 4

... so many jackets and blazers.  so hard to decide which ones to let go of...
So I have cleared out my wardrobe.  Still organizing.  but definitely will be ready and excited for Sunday's Photoshoot.  It's a lot of work going through my stuff.  There is sooooo much of it and I love it all, so deciding what I can let go is hard.  It IS made easier knowing what I am going to do with the money after selling it (anyone just joining us and have yet to read my prologue... acting lessons and pursuits).  Made even easier knowing that whoever is purchasing it loves it just as much as I do and will have the time and occasion to wear it!!  =)

I have almost... sorta... gone through most of my jackets... and most of my blazers.  I have so far gotten to a count of 30 but still have more to find and decide on.  I said I would keep less than 22 and I think I will get down to 10-15.  I have probably about 40-50 so as hard as that is... I think I can do it!

Next, dresses.  Then, sweaters.  Then, tops.  Then, bottoms.   ... then, whatever else.  OHYA!  accessories... hmmm... I can do it!

Nerd Alert!

I have always liked office supplies.  Once when my Granny asked me what theme I would like for my Christmas stocking I said "school supplies".  I liked playing teacher.  I never did my homework, but I liked pretending I guess.....!  Yes, nerd.... I know.

Now I live for lists.  I will make them and sometimes loose them... but I find it relaxing to make them.  I think it helps me remember in general... even if I never look at it again.  Having put that thought into it and writing it down, I can then picture the list in my head.  Why am I even talking about this?!  sorry!  I just like the way the notes looked... aesthetically.  Again... nerd.

my list for tonight.  seems like little... but the first check it a doosie!!

rest of week up until the photoshoot for my etsy shoppe!!

the original ipad.  I have an ipad... a blackberry, but there is still nothing like a good old fashioned clip board, notecards and paperclips.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So on the advice of Kate of Auntie Loo fame, I have created a twitter account for my little etsy shop. If you have twitter, you can follow me @Ragdoll_Vintage!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sneak Peek - Part 3

it's taking a while to go through all the photo's I took playing and deciding what I will be keeping and what I will be selling and then making myself add things to the selling pile that I really don't want to let go.  AND I only got through maybe a quarter of the items that night.... here is a handful more of the items I was trying really hard to part with.

oversized peachy sorbet coloured beaded silk tshirt dress with army jacket.

long fur vest with mint green maxi dress.

black lace long sleeved dress with slits on sides.

denim painted floral with studs.

floral jumpsuit.

white maxi tank dress... I just like this one. 

space age peach jumpsuit with ruffles.

khaki/taupe pocket dress with my glasses.

maxi dress with denim jacket with studded/bedazzled lapel.

sequin vest with white denim with gold studs.

sequin/beaded vest.

70's long leather jacket with striped pleated dress.

textured leopard boxy cardigan.
ruffle dress (one of the first vintage things I ever bought for a fancy dress part I had to go to!) and fur vest.
wool plaid blazer with drop lapel and burgundy velvet maxi dress.

silk beige maxi dress layered with a sheer nylon nightie layered with a lace dress (playing around with grungey layers.  I was a child of the 90's you know).

blue beaded tunic.
white maxi and blue beaded tunic.

Thanks again to Katie for being my ragdoll for the evening!

 Shop opening REALLY soon (March 2011)!!!  gotta get this donezo!


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Dear Chriffers,

and also, 

Je t'aime!

(ps to everyone else... This movie is actually a science fiction murder mystery romance comedy. Definitely old school comedy and not everyones cupotea. But you should watch it anyway!)

Just My Luck...!

I have been looking for a orange-withnored lipstick (and blush) for some time now with no success.  For years really.  I have tried MAC and NARS and a whole wack of other brands that I had no idea existed... there is way too much make up for no reason out there.  And some have orange... some look like they may not be reddish.... but on me - reddish.  I don't know if it is because I have olive undertones or what, but all looks red on me.  THEN on Sarah Lauren's blog her latest post was about receiving a package from one of her favourite make companies.  I took a look at the site and whammy....!  (whammy...?... ya, whammy!)

Lime Crime - My Beautiful Rocket

So YAY it exists and it specifically says "no red".  Awesome!  Not so "yay"...?  It currently isn't available. BUT for a "yay" reason.  (okay that is enough "yay"...sorry I'm excited)  They are reconfiguring it to be vegan (they already promise no animal testing or cruelty and some of the proceeds go to charity).  nice.  So, for that, I can wait.  but I really really dun wanna!   ; (

(actually try to wink and pout at the same time right now... look in the mirror or webcam device...not a pretty face.)

Still need to find a blush that is orange kissed and no redness insight!

Sneak Peek - Part Deux!

Here are a few close ups of the fabrics/prints of items that I will be selling.  Just a handful.  See if you can match or imagine which print goes with which description:

a. boxy drapey shirt that hits just below the belt.
b. boxy boyfriend blazer.
c. drapey oversized cult priestess(-like) blazer/jacket.
d. skinny highwaisted pants.
e.  drapey oversized blazer.
f.  oversized sleeve jacket/cocoonish.
g. boxy t-shirt cut with a scooped longer back (tail)

1.  blue based multi-colour plaid.

2.  silk stripes.

3.  burgundy leather.

4.  beige with studs.

5.  grey based silk with pink and white distressed check.

6.  see through black and gold lace.  (blue is my couch)

7.  denim with sequins and leather.

I figured I would take a few pictures so I can play around with the non-fancy pants camera I have to see what kind of pictures I could get out of it since I want to make sure I am doing all this right (within my financial means... which is with whats I gots).  Once I figure out etsy and how everything works, I will have a little contest like this for discounts on my stuffs!  This can be practice.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cold days uniform...

May not be glamourous.  May not be vintage.  BUT it is however WARM!  It has been freakin cold outside, but I realized I haven't even tried to post about what I wear.  well, it is comfy Meagan and her winter uniform.  Warm @ss leggings.  oh so Canadian oversized plaid shirt.  cropped "sleeve" (I say "sleeve" because it is more of a cape with a button that creates the illusion of a sleeve) sweater.  AND hooded scarf on the floor behind me.  WAY essential.

and also, a Daisy.

Sorta boring oufit really, but colours I really enjoy and oh so comfy.... comfy freezing weather chic.... even "apres ski" if you will.  barf.  anyway.  notice the night light to the right of me in this picture.  Though I use to be quite afraid of the dark, this is really more of a warning light for the step that is right that sits between the bedroom and the bathroom.  Pretty inconvenient.  especially in the middle of the night.

Ps I submitted a video to be considered for an audition for a vintage/antique reality show. I was super sick in the nose and throat so I don't think I did so well, but you never know! Fingers crossed!


Like anyone, I enjoy art, but it's not something I go out of my way to pay attention to. My focus has always been acting... and vintage.  I sketch, but see it more as a hobby, destresser than art... Especially since I don't feel I am really artistic about it... I am simply copying what I see onto paper (or the odd tshirt). I am not creative in that respect.

daisy and a live drawing I for some reason thought was a good idea one night.  I just HAD to draw for some reason and she was what I wanted to draw.  the only problem is she is a cat... kitten... really hyper and evil one.  I am surprised I got as far as I did before she started moving and stepping on the drawing.
Tshirt I drew on when I was going to Monter Bash in Pittsburg somewhere in the middle of a forrest in a hotel.  That was my first time in the U.S. of A.

Outfitting and styling I can break down, pick apart, create design, create themes day dream and play dress up... but I am getting off topic.  I was looking through the newest issue of Nylon Magazine and saw a small article about Artist Alexa Meade. What she does is creative and original and completely fascinates me. People have mixed photography and painting before, but her spin and execution is unique and absolutely mind blowing.  In the article she mentions she hopes to soon work on a landscape version.  She's been working with paint compounds that won't hurt the plant life.  Sounds amazing.

These are my favourites from her website. If I could afford to, I would love to have her work on my wall or even have a portrait done by her! Family portrait painting over the fireplace style. I want.

There is one that you can find on her site that is of an older man walking around painted and the pictures of peoples expression are great!  especially because they are understated.  real.

source for all of alexa meade artwork from her website.