Monday, February 21, 2011

Ragdoll Ju Photoshoot - part 1

I'm a little bustier than Juliana so she was a little worried about the dress falling.  it stayed up though.  it is a magic dress.  
Cardboard box back drop worked out pretty well!  Didn't get neaaarly enough outfits photographed!  definitely will take a little longer than I thought.  I may have to model myself since I have soooo much!!!  even if I decide to do 30 pieces a month, getting everyone... or a person... together for long enough is usually hard to do with my friends.  We are all busy with everything... work... boyfriends... family... etc.  bah.  I will figure something out!  If I make enough to pay for acting lessons AND then enough to get a better camera... that would be good.  stupid money.

To see more pictures of this dress and my lovely model, click here and see my new chictopia page!!  make sure to vote!!!  Help spread my name and help me get those acting classes sooner!  =)  Thanks!

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