Monday, August 23, 2010

Giving you the Finger.... Ring.

      One of my favorite sites/blogs to follow is  They have every possible style you could think of represented on their site.  Yet somehow, right when you think there couldn't possibly be anyone or anything else unique for them to find, they have a new style icon to throw our way.  Usually my favorites are the older men and women with great stories behind every piece of clothing they have, but Celia Ingesson has this amazing ring that I never really stopped thinking about even though I knew I would most likely never be able to find something in my price range that would look anything like it.  So I never bothered looking, which is very unlike me.

source:  stylelikeu (see link)

I am not the biggest fan of Le Chateau, but they have a great selection of accessories.  So, once in a while, after grabbing a David's Tea (they have a joining door for some reason) I wonder in to check out their accessories.  I did this today and eureka!  It's not exactly the same, but for the price it's a pretty good compromise.  Very excited!


Monday, August 16, 2010

awesome Kate makes awesome cakes!!!

Check out kate (of auntie loo's fame) and her cakes on her new cake blog.  These amazing, one of a kind cakes are insanely tasty AND all of their products are vegan and they also have gluten free options!!!  no cardboard flavoured substitutes here!!!  If you are lucky enough to live in Ottawa or are visiting on a Saturday I suggest you check out their little nook.  Yummy vegan and gluten free brownies and crazy delicious cupcakes are only the beginning of what they have to offer... they have vegan cinnamon buns... what?!  If you aren't ever in the Ottawa area check it out anyway.  The work she does will inspire.  These aren't "just cakes"!  So what are you waiting for....?  do it!!

(here is a link to her latest and my favourite cake!)

Auntie Loo Weddings: Life's a Beach (Har har!!): "Hi again, Another weekend has come and gone at Auntie Loo's. I did make a post last Friday, but the cake I'm sharing with you today was act..."


another France Gall video. not the one I mentioned still... I can't find it...

FRANCE GALL " NOUS NE SOMMES PAS DES ANGES --- video was taken down for whatever reason. if another pops up I will replace it. sorry!

This isn't the video I promised, but I hadn't seen this one before and it has best chair dancing ever at 1min30.

I shall call this post...Best Back up dancers ever.

I love France Gall. I will post more about her in the future I am sure. I just love this video. The guys really steal the show here. There is another video with the same dancers that I will post soon.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


After working in retail for over a decade and vintage clothing 'collecting' for almost as long, I have decided to downsize. My plan is to get all my clothes to fit into my closet and one other clothes holding device. This means separating myself from approximately 60% of my wardrobe. I actually had gotten rid of... Probably 10 garbage bags worth or more over the past two years through donating and letting friends pillage, but there are still quite a few vintage items I can't bring myself to part with. Working in clothing retail 40hrs a week I don't really get a chance to wear much of it so it seems even more ridiculous that I (and my oh so understanding boyfriend) live surrounded by my textile mountain range. So, i decided that I could part with the great vintage pieces if it meant I could get started on something I have wanted to do for a long time: take acting lessons. That means organizing and selling what is easily over a hundred items of mostly vintage clothing and accessories. I thought it would be fun to document this undertaking, if for any reason, proof to my family and friends that I am finally doing it. Also, so I could show some behind the scenes of the organizing and photo shoots and all the work I will be putting into making this happen. And then I could throw in my experiences with acting lessons and acting when it finally starts. So, it begins...