Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Spirit/What's wrong with kids....

This one is a combined "What's wrong with kids..." and Christmas Spirit post:  I remember I was never really into full house.  My best friend use to make me watch anything Olsen Twins related when I was a child and I never understood the appeal.  With all the shows these days that have the same token bratty kids and the stories are more about the parents fighting, etc... I get it.  or at least it would be more....refreshing... or something.  ANYWAY,  despite never understanding the appeal of the olsen twins back then... a few years ago, I had been in chapters a few times and for some reason I felt the need to check out the olsen twins book "influence" I sat down in the aisle I found it in and flipped through it.  I loved it.  It was like a really great magazine in hardcover (though the dust cover or whatever it's called had to go immediately, but it had a great matte black textured cover underneath, yay).  I bought it.  The end.

Ashley Olsen's "page"

Mary-Kate Olsen's "page"
With interviews from great artists and designers etc and style photo's, it's perfect.  They also have done the proust questionnaire, which I love reading for some reason.  But not the facebook ones that you have to send to every person you know because they must care.... but that is a rant for another day.

picture from book with interview with Karl Lagerfeld

picture from book of some of their freakin shoes.

Monday, December 13, 2010


SO, I JUST SAW THAT THERE IS A NEW Lula FINALLY OUT!!!   ... only two months late, but whateves.  But now to find it.  I work right beside a Chapters so I have been looking almost everyday and have yet to see it.  =(

The opening page of the site leaves something to be desired... it seems so 90's fan page still under construction... but I am still excited!

I love the blue they used on the cover!  I want to paint the wall above my apartments fireplace (not working... =( ) that colour... but maybe a wee bit darker.

Anyway, I need this to appear at Chapters or that random corner store around the corner immediately.

{Please and Thank You!}

Sunday, December 12, 2010

In a Fashion Foxhole.

"I remember ages ago I wanted to find a raccoon tail because I had lost one I had gotten at a monster truck rally my dad and and I had just missed when I was wee and little.  So then I became obsessed with foxtails, but never ended up getting one, but I am pretty happy since I see everyone and their cousin wearing them all over the area I live... and everywhere else I guess.  People who you wouldn't expect.  I would be embarrassed to wear one here now.  Not because I think they are silly, but because it is just soooo common.  sad.  In a mad world of internet and fashion blogs, it's hard to have an individual street style.  I really think some of it happens psychically somehow.  When I was obsessing over foxtails it was over a year before I saw anyone on the streets wearing one, let alone in a blog.    But I am sure we all were thinking it at the same time.  Like minded people i guess."

I left this comment on BleachBlack's blog post about a new dangly thing.  Half way through I wanted to delete it and just post on my blog about my childhood obsession with a raccoon tail.  BUT I still wanted to leave the comment.  So, I clearly did both.  I think by the time Kanye West has taken on a style it has done past its trend cycle and needs to take a break before coming back out of the closet.

Just check out this dollskill blog.  That is a lot of tail.


Sooooo.... yesterday after posting this, I was looking through some of my clothes... and I found something:

Making me a bit of a liar.  EXCEPT that I am coming out with it... so really... ya.   Sorry.  =)

Christmas Spirit

Usually Christmas is a crazy busy stressful time a year.  Shopping.... shopping... shopping... until you finally finish off your Christmas list.  I am not going to post anything about gifts or shopping until Christmas is over.  But I will post a awesometastic Holiday picture each day.  I am not necessarily the "merry" type, but I figure this will help me have that focus.  Hopefully it helps you too!!!  Happy Holidays!!!