Friday, May 4, 2012

Planes, trains and automobiles.

(in brackets, just like these, I have placed comments after having completed the first level of classes.. I didn't post this until now because of the whole procrastinating thing.... whoops.)

It all started with a text from a friend... a year ago... saying that there was a livingsocial coupon for a Second City class.  I didn't even know what livingsocial was.  I had just discovered Groupon, but never found a useful coupon.  ANYWAY, I looked and it was a deal for the first level of improv classes.  $99 for a class that is just over $300 with tax normally.  There is a class I want to take more, but it is even more expensive and, alas, no coupon/groupon/etc.  It is a more strict and stereotypical class in a opposite end of the spectrum to Second City.  I had also considered Second City.  I watched SCTV at my friends house when it replayed when I was younger and was always a fan of improv and comedy, but I don't think I even really saw myself doing it.  As a member of the female gender, there hasn't been a real lady presence in comedy until recently so I never really had reason to think about it.  I was never interested in just playing someones love interest.  Anyway, so I purchased the deal and waited a year before I had the balls to take the class.  just before the coupon expired.

First day of improv classes went better than expected.  Not in a "I'm awesomely hilarious and talented and got bumped up" sorta way, but I got relatively comfortable fairly quickly.  The class is definitely being eased into it.  The usual drills that we go through in high school-1st year university were there, but we were given better explanations as to why we go through with them.  I'm not a fan of acting classes that are overly kindergarten-y.  It was nice to not feel myself mentally rolling my eyes during class. Woo. Everyone seems nice and considerate.  Only three or four people actually want to be actors.  A few writers.  Most just seem to want to get out of their shell and think on their feet a little better.  You can tell which people will be devastated if they aren't thought of as the most hilarious in class (update: in the end, those were just the people who weren't shy.  obviously we all wanted/want to be hilarious otherwise we wouldn't judge ourselves).  Luckily, the trainer said that it shouldn't be about being funny.  That the funny will happen.  But it's about not hindering each others performance.  Working with each other basically.  Also, relinquishing control.  Not coming up with a story but going with it and not getting fixed on how you think it will go. Which will be something I have to work on. Being an avid list maker, that might be hard for me to do (update:  I found out another thing I had/have to work on is asking questions... still working on it I think.  Only one class so far without adding a question mark to a sentence).  Anyway, all kind of good life philosophy tenants.
In one of the exercises someone would come up (update: I stopped writing and have no idea what I was writing.  whoops!).

Flash to the final day of Level A class:
The last day of class I think we were all a little sad.  There wasn't as much energy in the air as usual.  Instead of going to the free/pay what you can show afterwards we went and had a drink to say so long (for now).  Some people were able to attend a mix and mingle type thing with second city peeps ranging from level A to teachers and alumni.... not I.  I had to work.  Met a lot of nice people!!  I hope we stay in touch and have a class together soon!  =(   Next week the second level of classes start.  so, to be continued.