Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gluten Free'd and Vegan Trial Recipes

Coming soon!

So, I have been trying to make a pizza dough that is gluten free and vegan... I want it to be a bit biscuit-y so I have been trying out and combining recipes and it is turning out to be a somewhat goldilocks experience.... first one too hard... second too soft... next hopefully it will be juuuust right.  But I guess that is what happens with and why we bother with tests.  Anyway, this all came about when Chris (awesome Kate's brother and my man-friend...)'s parents bought me a kitchen aid mixer for Christmas and Kate suggested we have a recipe a month and try things out and discuss our results from afar (her being in ottawa and I, in Toronto).  Then I needed a biscuit break and decided to try to gluten free and veganize MY brownies with peanut butter icing.  The original... pretty deadly and I am sure even after my recipe is "revisited" that it still won't be actually healthy... but it will be improved and...heathiER.  =) ... I have some pictures and recipes I will post this week too.  If anyone who happens upon them has any tips, feel free.  I did just use relatively easy to get ingredients... I haven't experimented with the likes of xantham gum or anything like that yet.  but we will see.

Sneak Peak

ok... for some reason I have been having problems with typing this post.... things kept deleting or disappearing... I really don't know!  frustrating.  Anyway.  I have been on and off organizing and I need to go out and buy some bins and garment bags to get to that final stage before styling and taking pictures can happen.  There are all sorts of items.  Dresses from or inspired by the 1920's all the way to the 70's and a little bit of futuristic pieces too.  Hats, belts, scarves, shoes (which may appear as "lots" so that people who enjoy and entire outfit can purchase the trimmings).

I had to grab a friend of mine to come in and act as a mannequin so I could put together and play around with shapes and colours for the outfits.  I want everything I am selling to be relevant.  Great vintage pieces, but the way we really wear them.  Originally, I was going to make everything look authentic to the decade they were from, but everyone knows what it looked like.  I want to make it now.  How I would actually wear it.  What I was actually thinking and obsessing over when I bought each piece.  So that I know each piece is going to a good home and will be treated the way I would treat them.  More of a clothing adoption.  Before I end up sounding more pathetic and clothing obsessed, here are just a few of the pictures from a few nights ago when Katie brought over some wine and let me play dress up with her:

Vintage Army Green Shirt Jacket thing.  Vintage Floral Romper/jumpsuit.  Mimosa Black Strappy Platform Shoes... along with other shoes scattered about....

Army Green thing again and Floral Maxi Dress with Flutter sleeves.  and boot mugs... no we were not drinking wine with a straw.  that was scotch?

....again jacket thing... there are a lot of pictures with out this jacket, but I just HAD to try it on everything.... sorry.  pale yellow floral wide neck dolman sleeve dress and a pile of clothes including a vintage fur coat in the background.

  Everything pictured and that willll be pictured is vintage from my closet (except for most the shoes.  I have vintage shoes... but it will take longer for me to part with them).  Most I will be selling.  There will be hundreds of pieces...seriously.  I just need to decide how and where I will be selling it all and how I want to organize it.  I think I am going to do mini collections with colour themes and style themes.  I have enough... I am sure I can whip something up.

to be continued....  

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Now this is a few weeks late, but meh.  I received some awesome gifts for Christmas and found some awesome stuffs at thrift stores in Ottawa during my brief visit over the holidays!  My Granny even gave me a bunch of her old dresses from the 50's-70's.  Pretty awesome!  Here are some pictures:

A few of my Gifts:  Baking theme!  I am not really a New Years Resolution Theme person, but if I had one, it would be to cook and eat at home more.  I enjoy doing it and enjoy eating it... but making the time is my problem.  I will do it!
I have wanted one of these even before I new what I could do with it.  They are just pretty!  I have always wanted white or stainless steel and I got white, YAY! Thanks to Chris's mum and dad!

yummy vegan and almost gluten and sugar free cookbook... awesome!  Thanks kate!!  She also got my a bunch of accessories for baking.  We are going to have a little bit of a friendly bake off... not to see who wins, since she would clearly, but to experiment and find some great recipes.  I am sure we will be blogging about it.
Month #1:  Gluten Free Vegan Pizza Dough!

Thrift Store Finds:  I have been focusing less on clothes... since I have too much already... but housewares is safe... for now.
Daisy (my kitty) already trying to destroy these glasses... She enjoys doing that at 3am!

boot mugs to go with the one kate found me a while ago when I was looking for them!  woo!  people always enjoy using the ONE I had so now we can all share nicely!

look like the glasses on the madmen season...something cover.  I haven't been able to get into the show, but when I saw the cover with a glass like this I obsessed a bit and found some at a thrift store for a dollar each!  I saw some on etsy for $70 for a set of 6.  Say What?!

milky glass bowls and serving ware.  pretty.

for when I dont have enough boot mugs for the peoples at my place, some glass tree trunk looking ones.  weird.  I like.

Granny Gives:  Being vintage obsessed I reallllllllly love getting stuff that has been in the family and means more than simply an awesome find!  =)
The long one to the far right is my favorite!!  I really need to start taking picture with a better camera..... or not with my cell phone......!

I am pretty sure my granny made all of these.

love these prints!  my granny made the one on the far right!

She also gave me her "wedding China" which in a note said that she had been collecting in a hope chest well before her wedding.  collected it piece by piece.  She also gave me some writing paper: I am GREAT at writing letters... but TERRIBLE at actually sending them.  =( 
There is more, but it is all still packed since I have been working ever since I have got back.  I did pretty well though!   I'll be sure to post pictures of thing I have sorted and am going to be selling soon!  I have given myself a deadline (back to the time management thing...) it will be a happenin' soon!