Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm doing it, i'm doing it.

little bit blurry since Daisy was moving.  but cute anyway.  and will hopefully will equal forgiveness. 
reasons I haven't listed anything on etsy:

the good...
- Chris's parents came down for the weekend, yay!
- playing around with the camera/10 year anniversary co-present Chris and I gave each other and really want to use it for the pictures.

the bad...
- photoshoot didn't turn out the way I had hoped. weather blahblahblah.  also turns out I hate tripods.
- I almost had one listing up but after the 30+ minutes it took to up load the pictures I accidentally closed the window and for some reason progress isn't saved on etsy.  boo.
- Chris has had to work from home and needed the computer (editor) so he can make some deadlines.

SORRY!  it is hurting me more than it is hurting you I am sure.


  1. what an exciting anniversary present! :)

    but how can you hate the tripod? it's so handy, especially in less than ideal lighting situations!

    cant wait to see your stuff go up in your etsy... and don't worry, anything worth doing is worth doing right!


    ps- cute kittyyyy!

  2. I like the freedom if moving around... I like the pictures when I was moving around with the older camera more than the ones with the newer using the tripod. Not the quality of course, but the composition I guess...?!