Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Ragdoll? A story of my style and influences.

Why I chose "Ragdoll" as the title of my blog/shop etc:

I had a few names floating around and i couldn't settle on one.   I didn't think any really described me quite completely.  My personality is all over the place and my style preferences change a little bit from one style influence to another... I have always liked old school cowboys so I had been thinking (before an online shop ever came to mind) that I would name a vintage store "cowboys and indians"... Then I thought that was too specific to one area of style in my closet (I even have two pairs of chaps! ya that's right.  AND a loin cloth that I tend to wear as a belt..only I can't find it right now...).  I sometimes dress more modern and a little post-apocalyptic, which really is cowboy too... Just mixed with medieval and biker details.  I also go through dress phases.  Usually in winter which you could think is weird but tights fit into all boots way easier especially since I have big calves and you don't have to worry about bottoms getting soaked or dirty (unless it's a maxi dress or skirt).  And now I am rambling.  Anyway, so the title. I had lists of titles I was considering all over my apartment trying to decide and i couldn't so I gave myself a deadline one day.   My deadline was for the end of that day.  And thennnn I remembered the ONE time someone described my style instead of asking me to describe it they said I was a "Ragdoll".

Ragdoll.   Done.  Thank you Erin!

loin cloth I bought when I visited jubunny in the land of Aus.  I purchased it at a vintage store in Sydney's "village" area.  awesomeness.

A little about my clothing choices: mostly vintage.   I have new basics... Tshirts, socks and underwear and leggings of course and some footwear that not vintage too.  Other than leggings and tights, I never wear anything too fitted.  That doesn't mean my clothes don't fit (though sometimes because i have loved the fabric of a vintage piece I have bought something too big... buuuuut it drapes welllll...) I like clunky boots with dresses. I just realized i only do like clunky shoes... I've tried to like more delicate shoes, but they just sit in a box... unwanted. Sad.  Otherwise, as I described in the previous paragraph, a little old school cowboy influence with some post apocalypticness but also I get vintage sixties and seventies boho.  (and sometimes a little jogging pants but like harem jogging pants...!) I think they all work together.  but maybe that is just me!

I will try to start taking pictures of outfit I am wearing but there are a few reasons I haven't yet.  First, I feel silly.   Like, "hey, look at me!" silly, but really since i am selling most of my clothes i guess i should think of it as "hey, look at what I am possibly selling!".   I'd much rather just use jubunny and dress her my outfits... But she has things to do and India to see (I will definitely make her guest post about that!). Second reason for not doing it is i don't have a timer on my camera... Well not that I know of and ya. Maybe i will just have to get my Manfriend to take them like I did for that one post of the unexciting outfit... I was just trying to break myself in. Ok, so rambling over.

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  1. is jubunny seriously her nickname now? jesus christ