Thursday, March 3, 2011

My First Obsessions

two of the first things I remember being really into:

actress... Marilyn Monroe.  ya surprise right.  girl wants to act and was obsessed with Marilyn Monroe.  it's not like I would get a tattoo done of her.  it's just her magical quality.  and that she was a lot more than what her image reflects.  I had actually forgotten how much I use to love her until recently.  I remembered watching a bunch of her movies and really liking "Some like it hot" and being disappointed in how small some of her other rolls actually were... and some just not good.  so I kinda stopped... but I still love her.  but only in the slightly less posed pictures like these.... it seems like she had a quirky sense of humour and probably had a brain that if she was allowed to use it... she could have done great... or decent things.

love this one.

Television show:

The X-Files... I had loved law and order and any show that allowed me to stay up past bed time, but X-files was the first show that I REALLY liked (I mean, there was the REAL 90210 etc... but that's different).  I had liked other shows.  but this was the first non cartoon (I use to love gargoyles and x-men cartoons... when I remembered not to sleep in... oh ya.  and captain planet!) non teen-centric show.  I had always had a fascination with the paranormal.  I didn't believe necessarily... I have always been a "see to believe" person.... but I always thought it was interesting.  I had a couple of unofficial guides, a poster (but not the one I wanted...actually the one I specifically didn't want... but I was happy to have any) and a t-shirt that my brother later stretched out... but I wish I still had that... =(  sucks that the latest movie was crap.   The guide had information about the real legends and myths behind the episodes.  I would stay up and watch it with my dad on Friday nights.  I have season 1 -7 now.  I didn't like it once they changed cast and messed with it.  I heard they have a kid... well that is what I gathered from the 2nd movie.  stupid.  This is one of the shows that led me to realize I wanted to act... I would pretend to be a forensic scientist... until my mom was going to set up a job shadow day and I realized what it all entailed.  I had wanted to be a lot of things... what ever my favourite show was, I would pretend to be every character in the show.  but a little quietly in my room in the mirror.  I was shy.  

Watch the show.  you'd be surprised who guest star in some of the episodes.  there is a spoof vampire episode with luke wilson.  there is another spoofish episode with Alex Trebek.  There is one with a young and slightly chubby Ryan Reynolds, Felicity Huffman, Jack Black, etc, etc.

I want this mask.  wonder if I could make it.

Music... I listened to a lot of oldies as a kid.  I do now too!  but my first modern obsession would have been a little bit madonna.. but I remembered as a wee one loving this music video with a priest and bars and fire... it wasn't until I was all grown up that I realized it was "like a prayer" I really was obsessing over.  I just thought the video was cool as a toddler!  but the first band group I loved was New Kids on the Block.  The first and only boy band I ever obsessed over.  I even made my own cut off magenta sweater shirt neon puffed paint New Kids shirt.  DEFINITELY wish I still had THAT!!  I think I had a watch that had a picture that you will flip up to get the time.  I think I had a 90210 on too... weird. I was too poor to see them live as a child and I don't even know if they came to ottawa... but I got to see them the last time they toured (sans backstreet boys) and it was magical.  I miss their cartoon.

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