Monday, November 22, 2010

what's wrong with kids these days.... 2nd Edition

best thing about this poster other than the extreme airbrushing... drew barrymore has the biggest and most forward positioned face and she dies in the first 5 minutes!

Scream:  LOVED sooo much I watched it more than once everyday for a month and finally had to stop because I knew every beat.  the sequels weren't as good (as is usual).  AND they are making another.  I am both excited and worried all at once.

My best friend and I were on a horror movie kick and a lot of them were R rated.  So with out her mom's approval and company, we could not watch as many as we would have liked.  I like this movie so much because it didn't take itself seriously BUT also wasn't an overdone homage or spoof.  It balanced everything it wanted to do into one interesting movie.  You could watch it if you really enjoyed the genre or if you were just starting to show interest.  Also great: it didn't rely on boobs to get people to watch it.  Sex scenes and scantily clad women in horror is soooo over done that it means nothing.  It takes you out of the movie and looses any suspense that could have been created otherwise.  Whether or not you enjoy the boobage.  This movie basically said that and all the other things that would bug me about certain movies in the horror/suspense/thriller genres.  Maybe that is why I like it so much.  

I was obsessed with the sweater that Drew Barrymore wore in the beginning of the movie for some reason... I think it was the yellow-y beige colour.  I ended up finding a version.  but it was a really nice soft wool and my friend washed it for me..... and dried it in the dryer and it would only have fit her shih tzu after that.

she kinda looks like a Cusack in this still....

I also remember trying to get my eyebrows to be exactly like Neve Campbells......  weirdo, I know... ya.

oooooooooohhhhhyaaaaaaaaaaa.. I also REALLY wanted tatum's jersey top (only looser).  I remember seeing one at Sears once with my mom and I wanted to ask for it sooooo badly... but I could never really ask for things...!  =s


We will see how the next one goes.  It will take a lot for me to hate it..... but anything is possible.  There are a lot of actresses that I don't believe can act seriously enough to not make this turn into a huge spoof.  


  1. hah I remember that jersey! And her crazy ty-dyed skirt when she gets stuck in the garage door. Great movie.

  2. this was one of the last movies that actually featured outfits that kids actually wore in school. maybe public school... but no crazy high heels or designer outfits.