Wednesday, September 7, 2011

one step at a time...

so..... a new vintage store opened down the street from me called "used".  it is amazingly organized and inviting.  Of course I had to buy something.  It is reasonably priced, but priced high enough that I won't be trapped there once or twice a week. =)  They had this "ivory" ram head/skull thing that I wanted to buy and make into a necklace... but I don't think it is actually ivory... it looked like resine that MAY have been mixed with ivory... but it looked like it had drips.  anyway, dude told me it was ivory, but probably because he was told.  I would have bought it if he didn't say it was ivory or if it actually was.  it would feel like I was wearing a lie... even if I didn't pretend it was........ anyway, I bought this portfolio and bolo necktie/watch thing!  yay!

pretty nifty, right?!  well, now I have to go get a watch battery.  another thing on my long lists of "to-do"'s... yay.