Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tonight it will happen!

Tonight I am going to put up 10 pieces on etsy!!  mostly dresses and jumpsuits.  more to come of course!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

eureka on a few things I have been looking for... yay internets.

March 15th they finally relaunched this colour.  they are a little backlogged so I have to wait a little longer to get my order... but I wannit nowww....!
finally ordered some coconut oil online since I didn't really have a chance to take a hard look in the area. 

etsy find.  little hole at the bottom I will have to darn.  but I enjoy it anyway.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coming Soon....

so here are some of the items I will be putting up on etsy soon.  The pictures with Jubunny are for the selling.  She had to leave and I had WAY less done than I had planned so I snapped a few picture of some of the other items to to see what they would look like not on me.  here they areeeeeee:


and much much more.... just need to get my model back in my apartment.  might be difficult since she is going away to india for an undecided period of time....!

Vinegar is a sanity saver.

Vinegar is awesome.   Put a bit with your laundry and it obliterates any musty old basement smells that come along with some of the best finds when searching for vintage clothes. Woo!   Also, cleans out a "broken" steamer when nothing else works. Yes!   Great on French fries.  Bonus!   It is just generally a great cleaner. Sure the smell is strong, but that goes away quickly.  If you have any smelly vintage that you have been wanting to wear but refuse to smell like a basement try this.  I dare you.


Saw these babies on etsy.  
I think these would look great with a tan or beige shirt and an over sized denim jacket.  awesome.

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

 Gorgeous eyes!  I remember even as a child wishing I had her eyes and eye colour.  so unique.   I am not really good with knowing what to say when people pass so I will leave it at that and throw in some more pictures that I came across:

some awesome head dresses.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Impatience = hand cramp.

as a trial I ordered 100 notecards/flyers from a local print shop using one of the polaroids I took during the first photoshoot day for my etsy shop.  they kinda messed things up by faking a polaroid frame.... which makes no sense considering I gave them a real polaroid to do the copies with.... ANYWAY, I had planned on (still plan on really) getting a stamp made to stamp things like this "en mass".  Things like packages, notecards, business cards or anything else I may want to mark with my brand.

but being incredibly impatient.... I did a few by hand to play around and see what I wanted them to look like in the end.... (see previous post for "playing around") then I liked something I did... thennnnnn I sat there and did each one by hand... I haven't written that much in a while so after maybe 20... 30 I had a crazy hand cramp.  BUTTTT kept on going until they were done.  

et, voila!  they are done.  until I get more printed....!

I hope you like it!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Notecard Update:

Soooo, I got the note cards baack and they didn't turn out as bad as I was afraid they would.  BUT they faked the polaroid frame...?!  They were copied from an actual polaroid... what!?  anyway, confused but will work with it.  the colour was a little off too.  Next time, Kinkos.  I have been playing around with what type of layout for the stamp I want to get for the cards and business cards etc.  the top two are definitely out of the running.  I am going to keep playing around with them, but I think the bottom one will be it.  except, instead of my blog address I will put my etsy shop one.  maybe.  I dunno.  we will see. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My First Obsessions

two of the first things I remember being really into:

actress... Marilyn Monroe.  ya surprise right.  girl wants to act and was obsessed with Marilyn Monroe.  it's not like I would get a tattoo done of her.  it's just her magical quality.  and that she was a lot more than what her image reflects.  I had actually forgotten how much I use to love her until recently.  I remembered watching a bunch of her movies and really liking "Some like it hot" and being disappointed in how small some of her other rolls actually were... and some just not good.  so I kinda stopped... but I still love her.  but only in the slightly less posed pictures like these.... it seems like she had a quirky sense of humour and probably had a brain that if she was allowed to use it... she could have done great... or decent things.

love this one.

Television show:

The X-Files... I had loved law and order and any show that allowed me to stay up past bed time, but X-files was the first show that I REALLY liked (I mean, there was the REAL 90210 etc... but that's different).  I had liked other shows.  but this was the first non cartoon (I use to love gargoyles and x-men cartoons... when I remembered not to sleep in... oh ya.  and captain planet!) non teen-centric show.  I had always had a fascination with the paranormal.  I didn't believe necessarily... I have always been a "see to believe" person.... but I always thought it was interesting.  I had a couple of unofficial guides, a poster (but not the one I wanted...actually the one I specifically didn't want... but I was happy to have any) and a t-shirt that my brother later stretched out... but I wish I still had that... =(  sucks that the latest movie was crap.   The guide had information about the real legends and myths behind the episodes.  I would stay up and watch it with my dad on Friday nights.  I have season 1 -7 now.  I didn't like it once they changed cast and messed with it.  I heard they have a kid... well that is what I gathered from the 2nd movie.  stupid.  This is one of the shows that led me to realize I wanted to act... I would pretend to be a forensic scientist... until my mom was going to set up a job shadow day and I realized what it all entailed.  I had wanted to be a lot of things... what ever my favourite show was, I would pretend to be every character in the show.  but a little quietly in my room in the mirror.  I was shy.  

Watch the show.  you'd be surprised who guest star in some of the episodes.  there is a spoof vampire episode with luke wilson.  there is another spoofish episode with Alex Trebek.  There is one with a young and slightly chubby Ryan Reynolds, Felicity Huffman, Jack Black, etc, etc.

I want this mask.  wonder if I could make it.

Music... I listened to a lot of oldies as a kid.  I do now too!  but my first modern obsession would have been a little bit madonna.. but I remembered as a wee one loving this music video with a priest and bars and fire... it wasn't until I was all grown up that I realized it was "like a prayer" I really was obsessing over.  I just thought the video was cool as a toddler!  but the first band group I loved was New Kids on the Block.  The first and only boy band I ever obsessed over.  I even made my own cut off magenta sweater shirt neon puffed paint New Kids shirt.  DEFINITELY wish I still had THAT!!  I think I had a watch that had a picture that you will flip up to get the time.  I think I had a 90210 on too... weird. I was too poor to see them live as a child and I don't even know if they came to ottawa... but I got to see them the last time they toured (sans backstreet boys) and it was magical.  I miss their cartoon.