Thursday, March 10, 2011

Impatience = hand cramp.

as a trial I ordered 100 notecards/flyers from a local print shop using one of the polaroids I took during the first photoshoot day for my etsy shop.  they kinda messed things up by faking a polaroid frame.... which makes no sense considering I gave them a real polaroid to do the copies with.... ANYWAY, I had planned on (still plan on really) getting a stamp made to stamp things like this "en mass".  Things like packages, notecards, business cards or anything else I may want to mark with my brand.

but being incredibly impatient.... I did a few by hand to play around and see what I wanted them to look like in the end.... (see previous post for "playing around") then I liked something I did... thennnnnn I sat there and did each one by hand... I haven't written that much in a while so after maybe 20... 30 I had a crazy hand cramp.  BUTTTT kept on going until they were done.  

et, voila!  they are done.  until I get more printed....!

I hope you like it!

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