Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DIY- multifinger ring.

A few months back I wanted something different.  I decided I would go with something that usually has a tougher more masculin feel and feminize it a bit.  Kate (of auntie loo's fame) and I decided to have a craft day while she was in town and we went down the street from me where there are tons of little bead stores. This is what happened.

I like it... I wonder where I put it.  I have no metal working skills so it is a very crude creation.  I don't have pictures of the process because this was all done way before I ever entertained the idea of having a blog.  But I will try to describe what I did.  I took three rings that have plates on the top with holes on them meant for beading or sewing things on (I guess) and then fastened them together with some thin metal wire.  Then I took that same metal wire I strung a bunch of metal petal and leave "beads" I had found at the bead stores.    pretty simple. kinda neat.


  1. I love this! I've been wanting to try making one of these lately :) looks like it's time for a trip to michael's!


  2. I had purchased a looot of different types of beads and fabrics and applique's to try different ideas for the same thing. I may go back to it and make a new post about it. with actual photo instructions this time... =s Thank you for the feedback! Being new to this, it is great to hear from anyone who stops in! =)