Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what's wrong with kids these days....

disney addition.  

This is a little post that I am going to do once a week dedicated to movies or television shows that I watched when I was a kid.  I find every so often I go to YouTube (really the only time I am on there... never really got into the Youtube thing) to search for the opening theme songs from some of my favorite childhood shows.  Everything these days is soo different and really feel like cartoons and kids shows have devolved so much.  Maybe it started with Disney and their happy ending versions of Fairy Tales.... whatever happened, shows and movies just seem to be about sassy kids and jerk adults and consumerism. Maybe mocking society, but instead of people learning from it and changing... they see it as a model of how things/you should be.  Not that my childhood shows were perfect, but they were not nearly as bad as they are now.  bleh.  (I would continue that rant, but it would never have an ending....)

Little mermaid:  in grade two I remember going around singing the "aaahhaaaAAh" under my breath because I was shy but still wanted to do it anyway.  

Saw it in theatres with my Granny.  I remember my brother hid under the chair when Ursela the sea witch would appear.  

We saw the Lion King together too.  I really liked that one as well.  It was the first tape I ever paid for with my own money (babysitting).  I think I still know most of the songs by heart.. except circle of life.  I remember I had a big bucket of popcorn with Lion King on it... which was weird because my Granny use to bring her own big ziplock bag of popcorn.  (I tried to find a picture of the bucket online and had no luck, so if anyone finds a picture of the original lion king popcorn bucket please send me a link. thanks!) And I had a Sprite with way too little syrup so it basically tasted like club soda.  I find these days the opposite usually happens.  no fizz in Toronto.  Before flat fountain drinks puts me an another mini rant.  I will end this post with what I had decided was going to be a Hakuna Matata... but then this happend, so I changed my mind.

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