Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Santa,

I think you'll find that I have been pretty good this year.  Enclosed you will find my wish list.  I have attached links to better help you and your elves see what exactly I am talking about.  Please consider the following:

Comfy awesome OnePiece.  In size small.

In grey size 8, awesomely awesome.

in size 7.... j'aime beaucoup.

also size 8.  I like.

only really found on ebay anymore.  I need unlimited supplies.  that would be heaven.

Also, acting lessons of course.


  1. i kind of really maybe kand of definitely want that one piece.

  2. Wow!!!))) I like it, super post dear!!!

  3. What brand is this onepiece? have been searching everywhere for one just like it!!! :)

  4. hi just wondering what brand the onepiece is. having been looking for one exactly like this for ages! much appreciated :)

  5. If you click on the "comfy awesome Onepiece" part of the post it will direct you to the source. Otherwise, the brand is actually called "Onepiece"! =)