Monday, February 14, 2011

Sneak Peek - Part 3

it's taking a while to go through all the photo's I took playing and deciding what I will be keeping and what I will be selling and then making myself add things to the selling pile that I really don't want to let go.  AND I only got through maybe a quarter of the items that night.... here is a handful more of the items I was trying really hard to part with.

oversized peachy sorbet coloured beaded silk tshirt dress with army jacket.

long fur vest with mint green maxi dress.

black lace long sleeved dress with slits on sides.

denim painted floral with studs.

floral jumpsuit.

white maxi tank dress... I just like this one. 

space age peach jumpsuit with ruffles.

khaki/taupe pocket dress with my glasses.

maxi dress with denim jacket with studded/bedazzled lapel.

sequin vest with white denim with gold studs.

sequin/beaded vest.

70's long leather jacket with striped pleated dress.

textured leopard boxy cardigan.
ruffle dress (one of the first vintage things I ever bought for a fancy dress part I had to go to!) and fur vest.
wool plaid blazer with drop lapel and burgundy velvet maxi dress.

silk beige maxi dress layered with a sheer nylon nightie layered with a lace dress (playing around with grungey layers.  I was a child of the 90's you know).

blue beaded tunic.
white maxi and blue beaded tunic.

Thanks again to Katie for being my ragdoll for the evening!

 Shop opening REALLY soon (March 2011)!!!  gotta get this donezo!


  1. you have the best oversized jackets. i love the first one.

    F. ( x

  2. Thank you very much!!! I have sooo many it's ridiculous.... part of the motivation to open the etsy shop! Every single piece I had purchased for myself because I was compelled my the fabric, print, colour, style.... something about it that made me have to have it. Even it it wasn't 100% my style or something I would even have occasion to wear. But now I can put those pieces to better use than sitting in a closet unworn and hopefully they all can be adopted by loving owners!

  3. hi, i would like to know if the sequin/beaded vest is still avaliable? mail me :) thank you