Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Made a decision

After asking many peoples opinions and looking over the sites from time to time I have decided to go with etsy for selling purposes. I have really dont like the look of eBay and I think the esty "community" is something i would like to help support. Some people have suggested I would most likely make less money on etsy, but I am really just looking to pay for my acting classes and maybe some headshots or any other costs that may occur (like taking a day off to audition). And as I've said before... I just need to get rid of stuff. Stuff i loooooove and wish I could keep in a nice organized closet space. Someday... BUT until then, my loss is your gain. Soon.

Sooo... Coming soon! shopRagdollVintage!! On etsy!!

Check out my profile and some of my favourites. Notice how there aren't any clothes. Just home wares and jewlery. I have actually learned my lesson. But am still living in my mistake/obsession. I will have a "collection" up for sale on etsy by March. I will be posting more sneak previews this week and for weeks to come. If you are interested in seeing the final shop or in purchasing anything click "follow" me down to the right bottom of the page.

I'm excited to see what happens! Acting classes, here I come!

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  1. So since posting this I havvvve favourited some articles of clothing, but just because I think they are pretty. Not for purchasing, seriously.