Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Like anyone, I enjoy art, but it's not something I go out of my way to pay attention to. My focus has always been acting... and vintage.  I sketch, but see it more as a hobby, destresser than art... Especially since I don't feel I am really artistic about it... I am simply copying what I see onto paper (or the odd tshirt). I am not creative in that respect.

daisy and a live drawing I for some reason thought was a good idea one night.  I just HAD to draw for some reason and she was what I wanted to draw.  the only problem is she is a cat... kitten... really hyper and evil one.  I am surprised I got as far as I did before she started moving and stepping on the drawing.
Tshirt I drew on when I was going to Monter Bash in Pittsburg somewhere in the middle of a forrest in a hotel.  That was my first time in the U.S. of A.

Outfitting and styling I can break down, pick apart, create design, create themes day dream and play dress up... but I am getting off topic.  I was looking through the newest issue of Nylon Magazine and saw a small article about Artist Alexa Meade. What she does is creative and original and completely fascinates me. People have mixed photography and painting before, but her spin and execution is unique and absolutely mind blowing.  In the article she mentions she hopes to soon work on a landscape version.  She's been working with paint compounds that won't hurt the plant life.  Sounds amazing.

These are my favourites from her website. If I could afford to, I would love to have her work on my wall or even have a portrait done by her! Family portrait painting over the fireplace style. I want.

There is one that you can find on her site that is of an older man walking around painted and the pictures of peoples expression are great!  especially because they are understated.  real.

source for all of alexa meade artwork from her website.

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