Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Spirit/What's wrong with kids....

This one is a combined "What's wrong with kids..." and Christmas Spirit post:  I remember I was never really into full house.  My best friend use to make me watch anything Olsen Twins related when I was a child and I never understood the appeal.  With all the shows these days that have the same token bratty kids and the stories are more about the parents fighting, etc... I get it.  or at least it would be more....refreshing... or something.  ANYWAY,  despite never understanding the appeal of the olsen twins back then... a few years ago, I had been in chapters a few times and for some reason I felt the need to check out the olsen twins book "influence" I sat down in the aisle I found it in and flipped through it.  I loved it.  It was like a really great magazine in hardcover (though the dust cover or whatever it's called had to go immediately, but it had a great matte black textured cover underneath, yay).  I bought it.  The end.

Ashley Olsen's "page"

Mary-Kate Olsen's "page"
With interviews from great artists and designers etc and style photo's, it's perfect.  They also have done the proust questionnaire, which I love reading for some reason.  But not the facebook ones that you have to send to every person you know because they must care.... but that is a rant for another day.

picture from book with interview with Karl Lagerfeld

picture from book of some of their freakin shoes.

Monday, December 13, 2010


SO, I JUST SAW THAT THERE IS A NEW Lula FINALLY OUT!!!   ... only two months late, but whateves.  But now to find it.  I work right beside a Chapters so I have been looking almost everyday and have yet to see it.  =(

The opening page of the site leaves something to be desired... it seems so 90's fan page still under construction... but I am still excited!

I love the blue they used on the cover!  I want to paint the wall above my apartments fireplace (not working... =( ) that colour... but maybe a wee bit darker.

Anyway, I need this to appear at Chapters or that random corner store around the corner immediately.

{Please and Thank You!}

Sunday, December 12, 2010

In a Fashion Foxhole.

"I remember ages ago I wanted to find a raccoon tail because I had lost one I had gotten at a monster truck rally my dad and and I had just missed when I was wee and little.  So then I became obsessed with foxtails, but never ended up getting one, but I am pretty happy since I see everyone and their cousin wearing them all over the area I live... and everywhere else I guess.  People who you wouldn't expect.  I would be embarrassed to wear one here now.  Not because I think they are silly, but because it is just soooo common.  sad.  In a mad world of internet and fashion blogs, it's hard to have an individual street style.  I really think some of it happens psychically somehow.  When I was obsessing over foxtails it was over a year before I saw anyone on the streets wearing one, let alone in a blog.    But I am sure we all were thinking it at the same time.  Like minded people i guess."

I left this comment on BleachBlack's blog post about a new dangly thing.  Half way through I wanted to delete it and just post on my blog about my childhood obsession with a raccoon tail.  BUT I still wanted to leave the comment.  So, I clearly did both.  I think by the time Kanye West has taken on a style it has done past its trend cycle and needs to take a break before coming back out of the closet.

Just check out this dollskill blog.  That is a lot of tail.


Sooooo.... yesterday after posting this, I was looking through some of my clothes... and I found something:

Making me a bit of a liar.  EXCEPT that I am coming out with it... so really... ya.   Sorry.  =)

Christmas Spirit

Usually Christmas is a crazy busy stressful time a year.  Shopping.... shopping... shopping... until you finally finish off your Christmas list.  I am not going to post anything about gifts or shopping until Christmas is over.  But I will post a awesometastic Holiday picture each day.  I am not necessarily the "merry" type, but I figure this will help me have that focus.  Hopefully it helps you too!!!  Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

what's wrong with kids these days.... 2nd Edition

best thing about this poster other than the extreme airbrushing... drew barrymore has the biggest and most forward positioned face and she dies in the first 5 minutes!

Scream:  LOVED sooo much I watched it more than once everyday for a month and finally had to stop because I knew every beat.  the sequels weren't as good (as is usual).  AND they are making another.  I am both excited and worried all at once.

My best friend and I were on a horror movie kick and a lot of them were R rated.  So with out her mom's approval and company, we could not watch as many as we would have liked.  I like this movie so much because it didn't take itself seriously BUT also wasn't an overdone homage or spoof.  It balanced everything it wanted to do into one interesting movie.  You could watch it if you really enjoyed the genre or if you were just starting to show interest.  Also great: it didn't rely on boobs to get people to watch it.  Sex scenes and scantily clad women in horror is soooo over done that it means nothing.  It takes you out of the movie and looses any suspense that could have been created otherwise.  Whether or not you enjoy the boobage.  This movie basically said that and all the other things that would bug me about certain movies in the horror/suspense/thriller genres.  Maybe that is why I like it so much.  

I was obsessed with the sweater that Drew Barrymore wore in the beginning of the movie for some reason... I think it was the yellow-y beige colour.  I ended up finding a version.  but it was a really nice soft wool and my friend washed it for me..... and dried it in the dryer and it would only have fit her shih tzu after that.

she kinda looks like a Cusack in this still....

I also remember trying to get my eyebrows to be exactly like Neve Campbells......  weirdo, I know... ya.

oooooooooohhhhhyaaaaaaaaaaa.. I also REALLY wanted tatum's jersey top (only looser).  I remember seeing one at Sears once with my mom and I wanted to ask for it sooooo badly... but I could never really ask for things...!  =s


We will see how the next one goes.  It will take a lot for me to hate it..... but anything is possible.  There are a lot of actresses that I don't believe can act seriously enough to not make this turn into a huge spoof.  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hello World!

I was checking out the blog "stats" and I was really excited to see all the different countries that have happened upon my little blog.  It's exciting and motivating.  If you pass by, please say hello and comment on your favourite post so I know who is looking and what they like.  Feel free to make suggestions.  Let me know what you think!  You can "Follow" me as well if you look to the right hand side.  Do it!  =)

Thank you for visiting!  

Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorite things: magazine edition (part1)

I don't buy too many magazines, but there are a few I have to buy every time a new edition is out on the shelves. These are my all time favorites:


Only carried once that I know of in Canada and I was lucky enough to have found that issue.  BUT also cursed because I would look every two months for it to come again (tis a bi monthly) and I could never find it.  My boyfriend heard me complain sooo much about it that he got me a one year subscription for my birthday last year!!!  nice.  And there is a digital version that I have been getting since that ran out, but I miss the paper....!  They also have great little books:  they have two cookbooks for treats, one is afternoon tea (which Kate got me along with the photo book, awesomeness) and many more little books that are so pretty even if you don't bake/cook/etc!!  They have a agenda that I REALLY want.  It looks like the old hard covers.


I found my first issue of lula either at urban outfitters or chapters and I was instantly addicted.  It only comes out twice a year (and this issue is about a month late...............!!!!).  The first issue I purchased was this one with Kirsten Dunst on the cover.  I am not her biggest fan but I really love this issue and is still my favourite to this day.  She even was guest editor.  I love everything about it except that their october issue never happened this year......!!!!  =(

Old school Seventeen Magazine. When it was pretty much a fashion magazine. Not a copy of cosmo girl (which didn't exist, at this time). I remember dog earring pages upon pages of plaid skirts and jackets. Day dreaming about outfits. I was so happy there was a magazine that wasn't all about boys and what their favourite colours and pizza toppings were...!  They didn't have any of the issues I had when I looked on the seventeen site archives, but these were the closes... except the first one..... I just like it.

All the pictures I posted are from the magazines websites if you want to see more!

to be continued...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DIY- multifinger ring.

A few months back I wanted something different.  I decided I would go with something that usually has a tougher more masculin feel and feminize it a bit.  Kate (of auntie loo's fame) and I decided to have a craft day while she was in town and we went down the street from me where there are tons of little bead stores. This is what happened.

I like it... I wonder where I put it.  I have no metal working skills so it is a very crude creation.  I don't have pictures of the process because this was all done way before I ever entertained the idea of having a blog.  But I will try to describe what I did.  I took three rings that have plates on the top with holes on them meant for beading or sewing things on (I guess) and then fastened them together with some thin metal wire.  Then I took that same metal wire I strung a bunch of metal petal and leave "beads" I had found at the bead stores.    pretty simple. kinda neat.

what's wrong with kids these days....

disney addition.  

This is a little post that I am going to do once a week dedicated to movies or television shows that I watched when I was a kid.  I find every so often I go to YouTube (really the only time I am on there... never really got into the Youtube thing) to search for the opening theme songs from some of my favorite childhood shows.  Everything these days is soo different and really feel like cartoons and kids shows have devolved so much.  Maybe it started with Disney and their happy ending versions of Fairy Tales.... whatever happened, shows and movies just seem to be about sassy kids and jerk adults and consumerism. Maybe mocking society, but instead of people learning from it and changing... they see it as a model of how things/you should be.  Not that my childhood shows were perfect, but they were not nearly as bad as they are now.  bleh.  (I would continue that rant, but it would never have an ending....)

Little mermaid:  in grade two I remember going around singing the "aaahhaaaAAh" under my breath because I was shy but still wanted to do it anyway.  

Saw it in theatres with my Granny.  I remember my brother hid under the chair when Ursela the sea witch would appear.  

We saw the Lion King together too.  I really liked that one as well.  It was the first tape I ever paid for with my own money (babysitting).  I think I still know most of the songs by heart.. except circle of life.  I remember I had a big bucket of popcorn with Lion King on it... which was weird because my Granny use to bring her own big ziplock bag of popcorn.  (I tried to find a picture of the bucket online and had no luck, so if anyone finds a picture of the original lion king popcorn bucket please send me a link. thanks!) And I had a Sprite with way too little syrup so it basically tasted like club soda.  I find these days the opposite usually happens.  no fizz in Toronto.  Before flat fountain drinks puts me an another mini rant.  I will end this post with what I had decided was going to be a Hakuna Matata... but then this happend, so I changed my mind.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Advice from the Queen herself!

Well, THIS one is about two months too late. During the Toronto Film Festival the Queen came into the store I manage....well, an actress who played the queen.... Helen Mirren.

I got my always excited friend and key holder to ask what advice she would give an aspiring actress (me). And then I ran away. I wish it was because I was nervous due to me being a huge fan, but I really haven't seen many of her movies. She seems like a good actress but the movies she is in don't seem do be my thing. The reason I left (other than the fact it was my break) was because I am shy. Aparently some actors have the same problem, but i have gotten a lot better....except when it really matters. When I am around someone I don't know too well but really value their opinion ... I freeze.

ANYWAY, when I came back after my break I found out the advice she had given was:

Go on as many auditions as possible.

Makes sense.  But getting auditions isn't that easy either.  Well, that isn't entirely true.  Getting auditions that you can be sure aren't sleazy isn't that easy.  But I started to apply to a bunch of postings for student projects on craigslist.  Without any real resume, I am not getting much response unless the casting has been completed............ Imagonnakeepatryin.

Here are some pictures of Helen Mirren, Dame and now close personal friend of mine, that are a little awesomer than the Queen ones:

pretty awesome dress.

this one makes me want to get my jazz hands on.

there was a series of these for a magazine, but I like this one because it seems like a between setups shot.

She was in my store while I was working once before.  It was in the middle of winter but we still managed to have quite a few people in our store some how (we are located on a street, not in a mall so cold/bad weather scares people away to the big mall 10min walk away...).  There was a woman who I thought looked russian, maybe it was me stereotyping because she was wearing a fur trimmed hat and wearing mostly white.  But maybe it was because her father was Russian, so there.  Anyway, this woman had been in our store a while before I realized who it was.  And that her director husband Taylor Hackford was also shopping with us.  Everyone in the store was excited, whether or not they were a fan.  To have a real actor in our store... not one of the actors of this day who can barely speak at all let alone recite scripted words naturally.  She was polite, mentioned she comes into our store anytime she is in town.  THEN, a young customer, probably in her early 20's is talking to her friend about whether or not it is "really her".  She asks an employee who says yes... then the sorta clubbing girl decides it's okay to walk into Helen Mirren's change room to ask her if it's her and greet her.  Helen Mirren handled it so well and just let someone pop way too far into her personal space bubble.  I don't mean just because she is an Oscar winning actress... but who bursts into any strangers change room.  really?!  I can't imagine what would make anyone think doing that to anyone was ok.  Or how I would handle it.  I am just glad she was clothed!