Monday, August 16, 2010

awesome Kate makes awesome cakes!!!

Check out kate (of auntie loo's fame) and her cakes on her new cake blog.  These amazing, one of a kind cakes are insanely tasty AND all of their products are vegan and they also have gluten free options!!!  no cardboard flavoured substitutes here!!!  If you are lucky enough to live in Ottawa or are visiting on a Saturday I suggest you check out their little nook.  Yummy vegan and gluten free brownies and crazy delicious cupcakes are only the beginning of what they have to offer... they have vegan cinnamon buns... what?!  If you aren't ever in the Ottawa area check it out anyway.  The work she does will inspire.  These aren't "just cakes"!  So what are you waiting for....?  do it!!

(here is a link to her latest and my favourite cake!)

Auntie Loo Weddings: Life's a Beach (Har har!!): "Hi again, Another weekend has come and gone at Auntie Loo's. I did make a post last Friday, but the cake I'm sharing with you today was act..."

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