Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Harder than i thought

Going through your clothes, when you have THIS many, is really hard. Organizing and stages of purging.

1. You get rid of the stuff that you have had for years and bought purely for function and not for fit or style. Maybe it even has holes are bleached from hair dye. You have no idea why you have it anymore... Probably because you couldn't find it underneath all the awesomeness. But why did you have it in the first place...?
2. Then you get rid of the stuff that fits you well, looks great and is quite practical, but you never wear... Not your style... Colour... Whatever reason. at some point it must have been your style, but you just cant see yourself wearing it again.
3. Then get rid of all the clothes you purchased for work or for a specific even. Dressy dresses. Clothes you purchased at your store because you were suppose to wear new product and it was the closest thing you could find to working into your wardrobe and not giving up a style you enjoy.

one of the times that I had people over to take stuff.  not an outfit I would have put together, but we got distracted playing dress up for the rest of the night.  She wouldn't have actually worn this outfit either.  She normally dresses very comfy, yet stylish, yet futuristic, northern/eastern european.  The shoes were one of the first things I bought at a thrift store a million years ago when I wore grandpa pants and tight vintage t-shirts with bleached blonde hair with a purple patch and skate shoes.  These were my alternative to skate shoes.  They still hold a place in my heart.

I've done all of this.  Friends have left with bags and bags of clothes at a time... but it wasn't enough.  For most people it would have been.

4. The hardest step is the one I am on now... Almost everything left (still way too much and well over 100 pieces) I actually really like and want to wear. Some of it I won't find the occasion to, but what if I do..... So i think i need to create categories. Formal-going to a wedding, work-right now black dresses and tights, casual-leggings and oversized T's and sweaters and blazers, daily wear outfits- vintage pieces...dresses, pants, etc. But more importantly, how many do I really need of each category and making sure I sell everything else, no matter how much I want to keep it. It is crazy how you can grow attached to something you barely get to wear. It makes no sense... But that is my biggest problem. I look at an article of clothing and automatically envision all these outfits that i would love to put together, but rarely have the chance to actually go through with.

So here are my numbers...i think.  Nono... These ARE my numbers to be left with after the selling:


Leggings - 10 pairs
Oversized pull over sweaters - 5
Oversized cardigans - Er...ummm... 7?
Jeans, skinny - 4
Wide leg - 4
Pants, skinny - 5
Wide leg - 3
Dresses - 15
Blazers - 7ish
Coats - 3

Scarves - 10 or less


Leggings - 5
Shorts - 5
Skirts - 5
Cardigans - 7
Dresses - 15
Pants - 5
Blazers/jackets - 10...15

Dressy, wedding attending/Christmas party/etc type clothes - 10

Purses, big - 10
Small - 10

Shoes, boots - 10
Platform - 6
Flat sandals - 10
Flat closed toe - 10

Leggings - 15
sweaters and cardigans - 21
pants/jeans/etc - 21
dresses - 30ish (depending on how the party type clothes go)
skirts - 5 (I really don't wear skirts much... they ride up when you walk... why not just wear a dress)
Jackets/blazers - 22? (ok... I may have to choose less than that.  but considering what I haveeee...)

Work clothes, black dresses - 5
Black pants - 3
Black button up shirt....I have none. Need to buy...

*** I didn't put shirts since they take up less space and are necessary for every outfit...right... HOWEVER, I will be selling a bunch!***

I dont know what my actual numbers are of what i have... Once i counted my dresses and i had 120ish... So this will hurt. But it's for a good cause. My boyfriends sanity (and mine) and of course, acting classes with a teacher who has worked with successful actors. Woo! Definitely worth it.

just a few things.  not a lot of colour in this picture... but I do have some florals and pinks and burgundy's that I will be selling soon!!  and my dresses come in all colours of the rainbow.

 Where i am at right now...? I had three days off in a row so i pulled out all the clothes that cushioned any fall out of bed.... Heck, it basically extended the size of our bed to the size of the room the "pile" was so high. Seriously. Anyway, all those clothes are in the living room and I am dividing them up AGAIN and figuring out what I can part with.

not a pretty picture.... and definitely not everything I have to sort through.  possibly 1/4 of it.... possibly.  but my bedroom is about 1/3 the size of the area of this area (if not smaller) so you could imagine the floor space!


  1. oh meg! this is unbelievable (and yet i have seen it with my own eyes). i still remember living with you and rob shaking his head at us when we filled the living room with bags and bags of clothes to give away to charity...

    "you girls are crazy! all these clothes you're giving away, i don't think i've ever owned this many things in my entire life"

    best of luck with the purge. i too have been trying to re-organize my space, but let me tell you... it does feel good to get rid of stuff doesn't it?

    miss you!

  2. Ya I remember that! It is definitely worse right now. Usually the stuff in the living room is boxed and not necessarily all over the place. However, the bedroom is what it was when we lived together times a million. I love vintage too much... Especially if it's kinda weird looking. Things kids would have been embarrassed about their parents wearing! And then also the "normal" stuff...Haha, but awesome..but not because I have no rooooooom! Anyway, that plus acting classes equals selling stuffs on etsy or eBay. I am leaning towards etsy.

  3. We should have a reunion! I miss you guys!

  4. Are Chris and Daisy under one of those piles?? (Clearly Bea is on top of the piles in the bedroom)

  5. Haha, no Chris. No daisy. Actually B is there because those ARE the piles from the bedroom!

  6. christ. i did not know it was that damn bad. you're insane!

  7. It is insane! That is why something needs to be done. This is not what the living room looks like on a regular basis...however, this IS what the bedroom has looked like on a regular basis.