Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nerd Alert!

I have always liked office supplies.  Once when my Granny asked me what theme I would like for my Christmas stocking I said "school supplies".  I liked playing teacher.  I never did my homework, but I liked pretending I guess.....!  Yes, nerd.... I know.

Now I live for lists.  I will make them and sometimes loose them... but I find it relaxing to make them.  I think it helps me remember in general... even if I never look at it again.  Having put that thought into it and writing it down, I can then picture the list in my head.  Why am I even talking about this?!  sorry!  I just like the way the notes looked... aesthetically.  Again... nerd.

my list for tonight.  seems like little... but the first check it a doosie!!

rest of week up until the photoshoot for my etsy shoppe!!

the original ipad.  I have an ipad... a blackberry, but there is still nothing like a good old fashioned clip board, notecards and paperclips.  

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