Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sneak Peek - Part 4

... so many jackets and blazers.  so hard to decide which ones to let go of...
So I have cleared out my wardrobe.  Still organizing.  but definitely will be ready and excited for Sunday's Photoshoot.  It's a lot of work going through my stuff.  There is sooooo much of it and I love it all, so deciding what I can let go is hard.  It IS made easier knowing what I am going to do with the money after selling it (anyone just joining us and have yet to read my prologue... acting lessons and pursuits).  Made even easier knowing that whoever is purchasing it loves it just as much as I do and will have the time and occasion to wear it!!  =)

I have almost... sorta... gone through most of my jackets... and most of my blazers.  I have so far gotten to a count of 30 but still have more to find and decide on.  I said I would keep less than 22 and I think I will get down to 10-15.  I have probably about 40-50 so as hard as that is... I think I can do it!

Next, dresses.  Then, sweaters.  Then, tops.  Then, bottoms.   ... then, whatever else.  OHYA!  accessories... hmmm... I can do it!

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