Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gluten Free'd and Vegan Trial Recipes

Coming soon!

So, I have been trying to make a pizza dough that is gluten free and vegan... I want it to be a bit biscuit-y so I have been trying out and combining recipes and it is turning out to be a somewhat goldilocks experience.... first one too hard... second too soft... next hopefully it will be juuuust right.  But I guess that is what happens with and why we bother with tests.  Anyway, this all came about when Chris (awesome Kate's brother and my man-friend...)'s parents bought me a kitchen aid mixer for Christmas and Kate suggested we have a recipe a month and try things out and discuss our results from afar (her being in ottawa and I, in Toronto).  Then I needed a biscuit break and decided to try to gluten free and veganize MY brownies with peanut butter icing.  The original... pretty deadly and I am sure even after my recipe is "revisited" that it still won't be actually healthy... but it will be improved and...heathiER.  =) ... I have some pictures and recipes I will post this week too.  If anyone who happens upon them has any tips, feel free.  I did just use relatively easy to get ingredients... I haven't experimented with the likes of xantham gum or anything like that yet.  but we will see.


  1. We always say, "It may not be 'healthy' but it's better than what you were gonna eat" =)

    And I have massively failed at fulfilling my end of the experimentation... just sooo busy!! =( It looked so promising considering I went and bought my ingredients and everything. Sigh

  2. Baw, it's ok. I am sure the first thing you do will be the winner anyway!