Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorite things: magazine edition (part1)

I don't buy too many magazines, but there are a few I have to buy every time a new edition is out on the shelves. These are my all time favorites:


Only carried once that I know of in Canada and I was lucky enough to have found that issue.  BUT also cursed because I would look every two months for it to come again (tis a bi monthly) and I could never find it.  My boyfriend heard me complain sooo much about it that he got me a one year subscription for my birthday last year!!!  nice.  And there is a digital version that I have been getting since that ran out, but I miss the paper....!  They also have great little books:  they have two cookbooks for treats, one is afternoon tea (which Kate got me along with the photo book, awesomeness) and many more little books that are so pretty even if you don't bake/cook/etc!!  They have a agenda that I REALLY want.  It looks like the old hard covers.


I found my first issue of lula either at urban outfitters or chapters and I was instantly addicted.  It only comes out twice a year (and this issue is about a month late...............!!!!).  The first issue I purchased was this one with Kirsten Dunst on the cover.  I am not her biggest fan but I really love this issue and is still my favourite to this day.  She even was guest editor.  I love everything about it except that their october issue never happened this year......!!!!  =(

Old school Seventeen Magazine. When it was pretty much a fashion magazine. Not a copy of cosmo girl (which didn't exist, at this time). I remember dog earring pages upon pages of plaid skirts and jackets. Day dreaming about outfits. I was so happy there was a magazine that wasn't all about boys and what their favourite colours and pizza toppings were...!  They didn't have any of the issues I had when I looked on the seventeen site archives, but these were the closes... except the first one..... I just like it.

All the pictures I posted are from the magazines websites if you want to see more!

to be continued...

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