Saturday, August 14, 2010


After working in retail for over a decade and vintage clothing 'collecting' for almost as long, I have decided to downsize. My plan is to get all my clothes to fit into my closet and one other clothes holding device. This means separating myself from approximately 60% of my wardrobe. I actually had gotten rid of... Probably 10 garbage bags worth or more over the past two years through donating and letting friends pillage, but there are still quite a few vintage items I can't bring myself to part with. Working in clothing retail 40hrs a week I don't really get a chance to wear much of it so it seems even more ridiculous that I (and my oh so understanding boyfriend) live surrounded by my textile mountain range. So, i decided that I could part with the great vintage pieces if it meant I could get started on something I have wanted to do for a long time: take acting lessons. That means organizing and selling what is easily over a hundred items of mostly vintage clothing and accessories. I thought it would be fun to document this undertaking, if for any reason, proof to my family and friends that I am finally doing it. Also, so I could show some behind the scenes of the organizing and photo shoots and all the work I will be putting into making this happen. And then I could throw in my experiences with acting lessons and acting when it finally starts. So, it begins...

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