Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sneak Peek - Part Deux!

Here are a few close ups of the fabrics/prints of items that I will be selling.  Just a handful.  See if you can match or imagine which print goes with which description:

a. boxy drapey shirt that hits just below the belt.
b. boxy boyfriend blazer.
c. drapey oversized cult priestess(-like) blazer/jacket.
d. skinny highwaisted pants.
e.  drapey oversized blazer.
f.  oversized sleeve jacket/cocoonish.
g. boxy t-shirt cut with a scooped longer back (tail)

1.  blue based multi-colour plaid.

2.  silk stripes.

3.  burgundy leather.

4.  beige with studs.

5.  grey based silk with pink and white distressed check.

6.  see through black and gold lace.  (blue is my couch)

7.  denim with sequins and leather.

I figured I would take a few pictures so I can play around with the non-fancy pants camera I have to see what kind of pictures I could get out of it since I want to make sure I am doing all this right (within my financial means... which is with whats I gots).  Once I figure out etsy and how everything works, I will have a little contest like this for discounts on my stuffs!  This can be practice.

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  1. ps the background for my blog is also fabric from something I will be selling.