Sunday, August 21, 2011

while I was shopping...

well, I wasn't really "shopping"... more the internet equivalent to window shopping....!  (insert clever made up word of choice joining internet, window and shopping or whateve).  ANYWAY, I was looking at the site and there was an ad for Pixie Market there and it featured a boot I could only assume was a Jeffrey Campbell creation because I instantly had to find it online and stare at it!  Only... I couldn't find it.... not the pixie market site.... no where.  BUT I found this dress I like, but can't justify buying.  but if I had a need for a dress, this would be it.   
AND this dress is featured with the freakin boot I want!  bah!

I googled variations of "jeffrey campbell western"and came up with various blog showing different colour combinations of this boot... but none actually linking to a site to purchase said boot!  arrrrrg!!  I have always loved cowboy stylings and even originally had thought of naming my etsy shop "cowboys and indians". In short, gimme.

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