Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Time Resolution: in like a lamb; out like a lion!

... so I am still in the process, but final stages of, organizing my clothes... especially the non-vintage, but also the vintage.  Chris got us a new and longer desk which makes it more comfortable (and aesthetically pleasing) to sit in front of the computer.  I have a little bit of an attention issue, so sitting in front of the computer is hard for me.  However, I promise to get better at this.  I have soooo much vintage to list that it's ridiculous that I have not put more up yet.  Between my attention span and my kitten obsessed with destruction it is really hard to get any real momentum.  The past two, three weeks I have been training for serving at the restaurant I work at so I can start making up for the money lost when I quit managing a store (to have more time to do all of this organizing and take acting classes).  A friend sent me a link to a great deal for acting classes that only had a few hours left before it expired.  They are for Second City.  Nice to go to places that have a good reputation ESPECIALLY when you pay 1/3 of what the classes normally cost!  phewf!  Anyway, my spring time resolution:  get on all this and keep to my time goals....!!!!  

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