Thursday, April 14, 2011

a little somin'-somin'

The other day I got to stretch my acting legs a little to help out a co-worker.
I went to work and she asked "would you be in an ad tomorrow?"  I said, "ya, sure."
She said "really?" I said "ya".
Then she said, "it's at 8 am, is that ok?" I said "ya....."  =)
usually 8 am is nothing, but for that past month I had been sleeping in until like... 1 pm.  so ya.  It all happened at a diner that has been in the newly cool neighbourhood of Dundas and Ossington for decades.  I had lived in that neighbourhood precoolness when it was all boarded up except 3 vintage stores, 1 bakery and a hardware store.  Now it has a gourmet pizza place... gourmet soup... etc etc.  weird.  ... anyyyway.  I lived right over this diner I got to do a wee bit of acting in.  kinda weird and full circle-ish... but not really...
Annnnyway(2), It was fun!  my portion lasted about 5 minutes, but it was nice to be doing annnnything related to what I want to do.  I got some great feedback.  I can't do something else!  let's do it!  =)

When the video surfaces I will post it with the permission of the lovely ladies in charge.

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