Saturday, April 30, 2011

Coming this week to Ragdoll's etsy shoppe (with updated note):

a few things to note:
1.  I had my first sale yesterday YAY!!!
2.  This is the last day to use the 20% off soft opening coupon!
3.  Tomorrow there will be a free domestic shipping coupon code for the month of may!!
4.  This week I will be adding a few more pieces to my shoppe!!!  such as..........

(update note for this post:  I got a little sick this week so I wasn't able to do ANY of this, but I have the coupon code ready and have two days off in a row monday and tuesday so I will be listing up a storm! stay tuned!)
pale pink SUEDE with pearl studs dress.  I LOVE this one... so hard to give up...!
"monet"-ish drop waist floralish print dress.
green and cream and beige leafy print dress.  Awesome waist definition!!!
Crazy awesome cream drapey cream knit sweater with fringe!!
100% virgin wool boyfriend blazer with unique lapel and gold colour buttons!
double breasted black boyfriend blazer!

 I will have a lot more spring jackets and blazers... I had over 50 and most were vintage!  I gave away a bunch of non-vintage ones and I will post at least 20 jackets and blazers within this next month and a half.  AND a bunch drapey sweater-like things too!!

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