Tuesday, March 1, 2011


so I have been busy trying to figure out fonts and design details for the banner for my etsy shop and my blog and trying to fine tune things a little since I wasn't really feeling the look of my blog.  I have been looking through fonts and more fonts and more fonts and MORE fonts.  I haven't really found one I like yet, but I have a bunch of ones I may have to settle for if I can't make up my mind soon!

I went into a local print shop and put in an order for some notecards using this polaroid:

I decided to leave them blank and get a stamp that says "Ragdoll" and then I can use them for thank you cards or flyers or whatever.  I am worried though because the people at the print shop seemed a little unprofessional.  I am hoping I caught them on a bad day and everything turns out alright.  I had to describe what I wanted a million times and there really wasn't much to it... and they didn't ask if I wanted matte or glossy... I asked for stiffer note card paper, but I have a terrible feeling I am going to end up with slightly stiffer stationary style paper.  They didn't even tell me when they'd be done!  I was feeling pretty sick so I wasn't thinking clear enough to realize most of this until after I left.... anyway, I will keep my hopes up!!  

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